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Default Audio sync problem

Hello guys,i really need help... I have recorded a wedding a few days ago,and i have problem to sync audio and video...
The problem is: i recorded a video with sound from cameras microphone and audio from mixete. Now i dont need that audio from mic,because that from mixete is way better... But i have problem to sync that audio from mixete with the video. I tryed to use Plural Eyes plugin for edius 6,but nothing...
I really dont know what to do now,and i must complete this job in 2 days... I will really apriciate anyones help...
Thanks in advance!
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What I have found is that my camera mic audio lags by 2 frames. The sound board (mixer) is always correct. Hold down Alt and highlight the audio line, go to a 1 frame timeline (Ctrl + 1). Now you can move the highlit track back and forth, frame by frame. I always move my ambient sound forward by 2 frames and leave the mixer track where it is.

Another problem might be that your outputs on your computer may not give you real time audio. Only listen to one set of speakers, either computer speakers or TV, not both.

Hope this helps,
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A big mistake a lot of video guys make.....I record from mixers most of the time with NO problems with sync....never had it....I sometimes plug the mixer's audio directly into the camera, or via a wireless system, so the audio is always embedded with the video......wireless mic systems are too cheap not to invest in one or two......Yes, I had audio sync issues when i take audio from another camera, but I fix that by taking a cue from one source, and adjusting the audio from the other camera by lining up the same cue point from that camera....I then hit the F6 key, select 'ROLL', and use the CTRL +, or CTRL +. to toggle the selected track forward or backward until I get it correct.....
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What format is your audio from the mixer? If it's AC3 or mp3, try changing it to 48kz wav before using plural eyes.
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