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Default Import of FCP XML generated by a MAM system

Hi all,

I have a problem and maybe someone have a solution for me. I want to use EDLs of a MAM system with EDIUS 6. The MAM generates XML files which should be similar to FCP XML. You find a sample FCP XML attached to this posting in the zip file. When I try to import this XML file in EDIUS 6 I got a error.

Next I tried to import this XML file to a real FCP system. And this works without any message and I can use it. So the XML structure must be correct for an FCP system. In a next step I exported exact this previously imported XML out of the FCP system and tried it again with EDIUS. And no wonder, now it works. Because of that behaviour there must be a critical difference between the MAM FCP XML and the FCP XML. The exported file is attached too.

One difference I found already. In the MAM XML there is missed the DOCTYPE definiton. So I manuelly edited the XML and added the same doctype as in the FCP XML. But EDIUS still cannot import the file. Now I got the error message that EDIUS cannot handle bins. But there is no bin tag inside the XML?!

Please, can somebody have a look at both files, compare them and give me some hints what could be the reason that EDIUS cannot import the XML file?

Thank you very much.
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My personal experience importing XML files created in FCP were using FCP 7 Version 5 XML only.
As a test I tried versions 3, 4, & 5 and neither 3 & 4 would import into Edius 6, but version 5 does and once the media was relinked in Edius the timeline appeared as it should. Some caveats though. For example all the SMPTE transitions are fine they seem to translate OK along with standard dissolves. Slug or colour generator in FCP translates to Black or colour matte OK in Edius however any visual transitions other than these are ignored by Edius.

So from this I would assume Edius is fine with XML version 5 so perhaps it might be helpful to find out what XML type your MAM system generates, also I believe Edius imports CMX 3600 type Edl's and Sony Edl's OK with minimal intervention via a text editor.

Again this is my experience only, Others may have different experiences
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Thank you for your answer.
I tried another thing, but still failed. Now I read the documentation named "Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format" from Apple and wrote a very simple XML file. The content of this file is taken from the documentation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE xmeml>
<xmeml version="5">
<clip id ="Jeremy Solo">
<name>Jeremy Solo</name>
<file id="Jeremy Solo1">
<name>Jeremy Solo1</name>
But EDIUS does not import this file. The error message is "Bin information could not be imported". But there are no bin tags or something else in that small xml file!? Very strange. I suppose EDIUS needed some more tags but I don't know which.
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At this point I think it is better you contact tech support in your area.

Please don't send me Private Messages for support. Contact Grass Valley support
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