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Default ADVC100 - Sony 8mm - PAL -mac - Pal - NO AUDIO

There are some other "no audio" threads, but as my configuration is a bit different, I dare start a new thread.

Set-up: SONY CCD-TR55 (= 8mm tape; only two exits, one for video, one for audio) + ADVC100 (ie only one video in and one audio in, analog) + firewire out into iMAC (OS X leopard, iMove 08 and/or iMovie 5 (=iMovie HD).

Source tape is European PAL.
Switches at ADVC100 set to off/on/off/off/off/on
or: off/on/on/off/off/on

Image capture works fine, interestingly, in iMovie 08 the image is captured well, and in color, regardless of whether I set the import preferences in iMovie to PAL or SECAM (as long as the ADVC switch is set to PAL).
BUT there is no audio. I tried to toggle the switches while the movie was importing, and while the PAL/SECAM switch showed an immediate effect, sound import did not work.
I also tried stopping the import and checking whether the sound was perhaps only not working while importing, but present when playing back in iMovie. But there was no difference = no sound.
I also tried using different audio-in ports on the ADVC, as (see above) the camera has only two exits, but that also did not appear to work.
I tried to be systematic with the different options and plugs, but perhaps one of the users has had the problem, too and knows the answer?

Best regards

PS - I also tried importing the movie to the quicktime Quicktime application. Again, excellent image, but no audio.

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an aditional remark:
there appears to be a difference depending on whether I connect to the Mac via a 4 pin fire wire on the front of the ADVC100 or a 6 pin via the back.
In the back there is NO sound signal whatsoever. Via the 4 pin (mini) DV firewire plugged into the front of the converter I get a very distorted noise singnal, but cannot make out anything from the original video source. Perhaps a step forward.
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