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Default Losing sync with clips from Premier.

I regularly compile magazine style shows, made up of pre-edited packages that come to me in .mov, .mpg or that I edit from AVCHD or XDCAM EX. I have noticed that I often lose sound sync, by up to 3 or 4 frames, on some pieces. The pattern seems to be those that come from one person, who is filming with a DSLR and Zoom, editing their pieces in Premier and then supplying them to me as an .mpg file.

When I drop them on the time line it all seems to be in sync in Edius and on the preview monitor from the Spark, well maybe a frame out but not too noticeable, however when I then output the final sequence to either a .mov or .wmv for upload, the lip sync often goes out but only on the .mpg pieces. I may then have to move the audio track 3 or 4 frames in order to get it to output back in sync. Typically I need to move the audio minus 3 frames from the video.

Anyone have any idea what may cause this?

I am not applying any VST filters to the audio tracks.
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You could try separating the audio and exporting it to a .wav file and see if that corrects the shift. I know this can help with .mp3 files.
So maybe....
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