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Default Watch Folders

1 - Any possibility watch folders will be implemented in Mync, in my case for automated stitching and exporting of mp4 dailies for web access.

I think I found/learned the solution, it was there all along, by adding the folder I want to keep updating into the "favorites folder", and importing files using "Register to Library including subfolders ", after it catalogs all existing files Mync can see, if you close mync and add more files later to the designated "favorite folder", when you open Mync again, all you have to do is highlight the favorite folder where you saved new files and choose "Refresh", voila semi-automatic watch folders.

2. Cats meow, would be to get full automation "a la" Squeeze/Sorenson style. Something like EDIUS XRE Transcoder 9, but as a software limited version.

I also learned you can send/automate export encoded files to an ftp of your choice, that most possibly will solve part of my workflow issues.
Being able to set an email alert announcing the "pizza" is at the door would be great, once file gets to the ftp.

3. It would be my new Swiss Army "video" knife, like Procoder was a few days ago. Hoping.

Yes I would like to automate loading New Files from new folders in the favorite folder, to individual Storyboards sorted by recording time/chronological order, automate the export of an H264/HEVC of each new storyboard sequence, into a single file with the folder name, upload the encode to a FTP and/or HD/NAS/Storage, and "ring the door bell" for pizza delivery via email.
But it is already showing to be a great tool, fast and stable.

Can't wait for upgraded functionality.

Use of Templates for in/out slates/credits, filters to apply LUT's and fix other issues for all that 10 bit flat log stuff, audio limiter (why not ask for it, its free to ask).
The H264 export presets could probably offer a few more options at lower settings 5 - 6.5 Mbps for 1920x1080, but 7.5Mbps is fine too.
Did I mention Batch Encoding same as Edius is fine.

What I am asking for is pretty much a software version of XRE Transcoder 9 integrated with Edius, unfortunately the hardware version does not stitch multiple clips, bummer, it needs the assistance of edius for that. But if it stitched clips all by itself "a la Mync storyboard" it would be of significance, it mostly does everything else the Dr. ordered.

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