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Default Converting from DVD with ADVC55

I tried to get a video signal for capture from a DVD player to my computer through firewire with the ADVC55. I get video feed, but all the colors are heavily saturated, making the contents of the frame impossible to see. This has happened with 2 out of 3 DVDs all played on the same player. Why is this happening, and how can i fix it?
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If they are commercial DVDs, then you are probably running into the Macrovision subsignal.
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I have a similar question. No problem with image quality or colour, but in attempting to dapture from DVD player through ADVC55 into Premier Pro 2.0 the 16:9 image is either too small, or squeezed into a 4:3 image, depending on the setting of the DVD player (Panasonic DMR-ES35V). How do I get the image captured in the corect aspect ratio and scale?
Thank you.
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The only way to ingest 16:9 is to capture as an anamorphic signal - this will appear as 4:3 (squished) in your NLE, which should then be set to stretch the video to its correct aspect ratio.

ADVCs do not automatically (magically) flag 16:9 analog as 16:9 DV, they simply convert what they see.

Set your DVD player as though it's connected to a 16:9 TV - you do not want it set to 4:3 PS or 4:3 LB. Let Premiere correct the 4:3 data back out to 16:9.
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I never understood why many people get in trouble (and loose image quality) by analog capturing something that is already inside a DVD.
Just use Disc capture (or a DVD ripper). It is much faster as well!!
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