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Default Cineform Defeated in PC3 = "AVI Reader. Parameter is incorrect.

First, I am very aware of an earlier thread entitled "AVI Reader. Parameter is incorrect." Apparently three PC3 users who had that window pop up and who had been defeated in using PC3 found that for them the problem was fully resolved by uninstalling Nero 8, which was the root of the conflict and the problem (a reinstall of Nero 8 using only the "burn" setup did not cause a conflict). Since, in attempting to utilize my just purchased copy of PC3, and
being stopped with the pop up window "AVI Reader. Parameter is incorrect.",
and since I, of course, had Nero 8 installed, I uninstalled Nero 8, but to no avail. Tech Services responded to my queries until I indicated that I was able to use PC3, but only if I did not also use Cineform - apparently I am now out of luck with Tech Services, as I have been informed that "we can only guarantee compatability with codec's (sic) that are provided WITH Procoder 3. 3rd parts (sic) codec's (sic) are not guarateed to work. The general rule of thumb is if you can play the file in Windows Media Player then it *should* work in Procoder 3, but again no guarantee." By the way, I have, of course, always been able to play Cineform AVIs in WMP.

I have been running Cineform Aspect HD, and now Cineform Prospect 4K in
Adobe Premier Pro CS3, and Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Encore, etc.,
on a Boxx (2 x dual Xeon 3.0Gh, 4 Gig Ram, NVidia Quad 1500, etc), producing DVDs from Sony FX-1, and now BD-R and DVD-R from FX-1 and EX-1, most lately 1920x1080 30p. Because of customer well justified dislike of
both DVD-Rs and BD-Rs from the EX-1 (predominate complaint - interline twitter), and since I understand from many event videographers that their use of ProCoder 3 instead of the Encore's MainConcept program gave superior results, I purchased PC3, but despite the dozens of hours I have spent all over the Internet, I am totally defeated in using PC3. Given the absolutely superb performance of Cineform, I am not about to consider giving it up, in order to use PC3, no matter how great its transcoding performance. And I know that many Adobe/Cineform editors are using PC3 to great advantage.

Any thoughts, insight, experience you might have which would cast even a glimmer of light upon this issue would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime, I am on the verge of tossing my $470 coaster.
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Try loading the AVI through an Avisynth script. That might work.
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