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Default Impossible to capture with EDIUS 4.24

Excuse me by advance for my bad english, I am French, and I will try to explain you my problem better I can.

I have ADVC 300 and EDIUS PRO4 v 4.24.
I would like to make dvd from vhs video tapes (SONY SLV-E720 with SECAM or PAL format, input in CINCH (RCA) plug).
I have STUDIO 8 software too.

At this time, I use STUDIO 8 to capture and make a clip, EDIUS to editing, and PROCODER EXPRESS to create dvd files.
I would like to use only one software : EDIUS PRO4.

I try but I can't capture the movie I play from the ADVC 300 device.

In order, what I do :
- starting EDIUS and setting project : OHCI, DV50i, 2 channel 48 Khz
- trying to push "play" in left window (player window) : impossible (no access)
- starting ADVC 300 (analog input)
- trying to push "play" in left window (player window) : impossible (no access)
- starting the SONY videotape player
- looking at EDIUS : in left window, I can't see the movie I play
- impossible to capture : F9 or "capture" command are not available

I have look the device manager, and I have the ADVC 300 as "compatible DV AVC videotape recorder".
If I'm opening playing window from ADVC picture controler 300, I can see the movie I play with the VCR.

I don't know if I have forget a setting, I find not it in the help file.
I have sending more mail in CANOPUS UK, but they have no answer for my question.

Someone can explain to me how capture video from the ADVC 300 with EDIUS, step by step, if possible, because it's possible I forget a detail, or I understand instructions no good.

Thanks by advance.

Best regards.

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Old 12-21-2007, 09:13 PM   #2
Mr Sparkle
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Here's a few things to check:

- Make sure the ADVC300 is configured for SECAM input
- Have the VHS playing and running through the ADVC before you start any attempt at capture
- Once you get into EDIUS, choose "Capture" and "Input Settings" - from there, make sure your OHCI source is PAL
- Make sure that the ADVC300 hasn't or isn't switching itself to "Digital In" by accident

Remember, EDIUS won't allow you to capture unless it detects a matching signal coming in, according to the OHCI Input Settings specified (this is different from the EDIUS project settings).
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Old 12-22-2007, 08:13 AM   #3
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thank you for your help.
I will try to do as you say, and I will inform you about the result.

Good week-end.

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Old 12-22-2007, 05:15 PM   #4
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I have set like you have say, and I can capture now.
Thank you very very much.
In fact, I have start all of my device backwards as required, and forgot to setting input OHCI 50DVi instead of DV59.94i.

Thanks bis.

Best regards.

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