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Default DVStorm replacement advice needed

Anybody ever replace a DVStorm card w/mpeg encoder with a DVStorm without the encoder? If so, did it cause any problems other than not being able to do realtime mpeg conversion anymore?
I fried my card a while back and need to replace it just to wrap up an old project. All the DVStorm2 software and drivers are already loaded.
I could care about realtime mpeg conversion. I'm just trying to avoid any problems. Thanks in advance

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I would uninstall the "Canopus DV Driver" first, shut down your PC, take out the old card....put in the new one.

DVStorm1 and DVStorm2 are very similar, but not the same, so you gotta be careful with this one. If you're using EDIUS4, you should see no problems when you install a new Storm card. Just put in the new card, and install the Canopus DV Drivers that come with the latest Edius patch.
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Try not to laugh, but I topped out with Edius 1.5
It worked for me at the time. I'll give your advice a try and hopefully it will work okay. What's the worst that can happen? (famous last words!)
Hopefully just a hardware error message. Thanks again
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