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Default Newbie needs direction

So I have home recordings on vhs tapes from 30 years ago. The tapes are in bad shape, but most will play. If I could keep the quality that I see when I play them, I would be happy. If I could edit them after and make them a little better I would be ecstatic.

A few years ago I used a VCR/DVD combo and put some of the tapes on DVDs. The issues I had with that method is the dvd ended up in a format that was hard to work with and the dvds were wide screen, so the people looked shorter and fatter. I also noticed that the VHS tapes were degrading before my eyes. I feel like I only have 1 more shot to get these videos on my computer.

1. I see that I can get the ADVC110 and the TwinPact 100 for about the same price used. Which would be better for what I want to do and why?

2. I don't have a vcr, so I will buy one. I see some vcr's with S-video outputs, is that the preferred method of hooking up to the converter, or does it matter with VHS tapes ?

3. To make matters worse when most of the taps were recorded the slowest speed was used. Will there be an equipment issue because of this?

4 I need to figure out how big of a hard drive I need. Is there a formula for how many hours of converted video will fit on a 1 Terabyte harddrive?

5. Most editing software should allow me to cut the videos and make shorter chapters rather then having a 6 hour video file for each tape?

6. The converter edits in real time, so if I have 100 hours of videos, it will take me 100 hours to play the videos so they can be converted?

I plan on getting a blueray burner to archive the files

Thanks for your help.
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