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Default ADVC G1 Output Frame Rate Inconsistancy

A solution being implemented is using (4) ADVC G1 converters and a ADVC G4 as the reference source.

With all (4) G1s configured identically and without an external reference set (DVI-D input - 1080p 60Hz) (SDI Output - 1080i) 3 of the G1s will provide an output frame rate of 59.94Hz while one will provide an output of 60Hz. When an external reference is provided by the ADVC G4 only the G1 that provided 60Hz out will lock onto the reference. The other (3) will continue to blink and not lock on.

We've swapped power, DVI input, SDI output, SDI reference cables,... and the problem always stays with the G1.

We need all (4) units to provide an identical output frame rate and allow for a lock to the G4 provided reference.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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It is possible that one or more ADVC-G1 have an earlier firmware revision installed. There is a firmware update available for the ADVC-G1 converters. Make sure your product is registered with Grass Valley and download/install the latest firmware for the ADVC-G1. I suggest try applying the firmware on the single unit first and see if it correct the problem or not.
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Default Where do I download the firmware?

Hi all, I'm new to this forum so any help would be appreciated. Where do I download the firmware for the advc-g1, and how to I update my unit?

Initially, the unit is having a problem acquiring 720p @ 60Hz via DVI-D but sees 1080p @ 60Hz just fine. I'm wondering if this is a firmware problem.

Thank you!
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Register for an account on if you do not already have one (it is separate from your forum account), then register your product.
Once you product is registered, it will appear in your products list and any updates for it will be accessible there.
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