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Default Need advice on buying PC screen and external monitor

To make my Edius NX setup complete, I'm looking for a second screen and an external monitor. For the moment I just have a Samsung 17" Syncmaster 740BF. I've used two 17" crt pc monitors for years, but haven't the place for it anymore. The 17"LCD is my second screen on the laptop. As external monitor I used to have an old TV (antenna only) connected through my videorecorder. However the videorecorder died last week.

Space as well as budget is limited (just bought my new pc with edius NX). I'm thinking of some 500eur for both.

1) PC monitor
As I'm stuck in place, I need the best combination of screen width and work pleasure. Would a new 20" together with my 17" be enough? Or better use a 24"? I prefer 20" over 22" because they both use the same resolution and the first saves space. I don't know if 22", except for the bigger picture, has advantages over 20"?
I also do photoshop, after effects and some audiorecording (ableton/audition) Which screen, around 250-300euro would be a good choice, especially in color authenticity?

2) TV external monitor
I'm still editing in mini-DV and won't switch to HD within 1-2 years. Edited movies will be seen on common LCD/CRT tv's, for the moment no full HD (1080p). The TV would be connected on my Edius NX Express.
What TV would be preferable (searching something in the 20-24" range)? Which is best: samsung or sony? Or other ones?

It would help a lot if I could get some good advice about this. I don't need the biggest and the best, but the most suitable within my limitations.
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