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For audiomuting, you might also look at the V mute option. Might work for you in some cases. One click.
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If you want to see the Macrogenerator Pro batch function in action go here:

Place your cursor at 2:51 and you will see how it loads the files into the batch processor. This is a demo and only runs until 3:06 on the timeline.
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I downloaded and installed Macrogenerator Pro on my work PC but did not find a ready-made macro for doing what I am now doing by holding down the shift key and dragging down the volume band. But I was just given 24 videos to redact both the audio and video that I haven't had time to study it more. It seemed a bit expensive, but since most of my redacting is audio, it might end up paying for itself over time.

One of the problems I am having using the mask window is being able to find where the play head is. I looked for a shortcut key to go to the play head but couldn't find one. I find myself looking at the preview window, getting the current position time, and then moving to that time in the mask window.

Also, when in the mask window, the left and right arrow keys move the mask shape, not the cursor. That is of no use to me. I would like the arrow keys to always move the play head one frame at a time. My mouse can move the mask shape.Can I remap the arrow keys when the mask window is open?
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