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Philip Howells
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Default Joining mp4 clips recovered from faulty Sony SxS cardsfrom Sony

We've been having problems with two of our three Sony 64Gb SxS cards and Sony have recently replaced them.

They also managed to recover the clips from the faulty cards but some of the longer sequences have not been "stitched" together by the Sony Clip Browser v2.6 which reported them as "errors".

I have been able to import each sub clip individually and placed on the timeline they appear to be contiguous although the triangular shape on the incoming audio clip has a small orange mark in it.

Unfortunately Plural Eyes has trouble dealing with these sub clips even though they're in chronological sequence.

My question is whether it's possible to join two clips together within Edius which might give Plural Eyes a better chance of sorting out the synchronisation.
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You could try stitching the files, in order, using the DOS COPY command with the /B option, to a new file concatinated file;
e.g. COPY /B partfile1 + partfile2 + partfile3 newstitchedfile

Unstitched files will often have a missing frame or three at the junctionpoint if dropped on a timeline. That might be causing the issue for PE. But in plain playback it might not be apparent if there is minimal motion in the video and the break is not at a point in the sound where it would noticeable.
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