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Default Converting to a file format compatible with Panasonic TX-L22D28EW TW. How To?

I have bought a Panasonic TX-L22D28EW TV
I want to play a video file on it via the SD card slot.

The Panasonic manual says the following about playing video via the SD card:
SD-Video Standard Ver. 1.2 [MPEG-2 (PS Format)] and AVCHD Standard compatible files with an audio format that is either MPEG-1Layer-2 format or Dolby Digital Format (Files recorded with vertical frequency 50 Hz are applicable. A modified data with a PC may not be displayed correctly)

I e-mailed with panasonic and they told me:
the Tv can only handle AVCHD and DivX (HD)

In another e-mail they told me:
*.mts / *.avi / *.divx can be played

In a final e-mail they told me:
you can use procoder to convert to Microsoft DV. The TV should be able to play this but you need a DivX codec

For me this is a lot of difficult information as i am quite new to editing/converting. Could someone explain to me what i should do to convert to a format that will play on my TV via the SD card.

What file format do I need?
How do i do this in Procoder?
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John Lewis
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Edius 6.02 (problem with 6.0 fixed ) has facility for exporting to AVCD suitable for Panasonic and Sony maybe even Canon it writes the complete structure required but it is slow you will have to be patient
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gatherer, did you try the MPEG2 program stream for SD resolution output, as recommended? Procoder will output this easily, including MPEG1 Layer 2 audio.

For HD, since *.mts is supported, you could try an HDV format output, either 1440x1080 or 1280x720. I would suggest the 1280x720 since you get fewer problems with square pixels.

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My advice would be to treat yourself to a media player, I have hold off for a long time but have to admit I should have done it much sooner.

Pen drives, flash cards & other media has too many incompatibilities with various players, TV's, PC,s etc.

Something like the WDTVliveHub or just the live, it plays many formats to many output resolution, it has HDMI, component & composite, analog audio & spdif.
It's can play SD files and upscale, it plays HD files flawles in many formats !

It basically will upscale or downscale or at any resolution you set the output to, it even has a auto detect which is helpful if your last viewing was HDMI and the next tv only has SD composite it will switch in a few seconds.

I'm hooked on it, it's pretty small and very portable, 1 very light weight power adaptor, 1 HDMI cable and 1 piece 3 gang RCA cable that's all I carry around, compatible with virtually anything ............

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