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Captain Russ
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Default ADVC 110 Problem - Stopped Working.

Hello folks. Everything was working fine. Have a sony Hi8 Camcorder plugged into the 110 using S-Video cable and 2 RCA's for sound. Capturing live into iMovie HD 6.0.3 for webcam style recording. Camera set to camera (not VTR).
After awhile and a few takes had iMovie lockup. Restarted everything and from about that point the 110 had both input blue lights on and the red light. From that point on I can't get iMovie HD to see the driver and it doesn't give the option (as before).

Tried replugging many times to cycle power. Tried new firewire cable. Turned PIN 2 to OFF position. Upgraded iMovie HD. Unplugged camcorder & replugged in my Sony Hi8 Deck (which was also working flawlessly prior to this problem). Nothing.

Any ideas?


PowerPC Mac G5 dual 2.0, OSX 10.4.7

Last edited by Captain Russ; 10-30-2008 at 02:00 AM. Reason: The unit started working again after days off. GO FIGURE...
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