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Default Using ADVC100

Even if I have been using the Canopus ADVC100 for capturing video, I wonder if I can use it simply as an audio interface.

How could I then capture audio from Sound Forge or any audio program?

What I mean is: can the ADVC100 made to work as an external audio interface for all audio outputs/inputs to my PC?

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Only if your audio application supports decoding audio from DV input over FireWire.

The audio app would need to decode the incoming DV signal and take the audio out, which requires CPU time.

Also, the ADVC100 will require an active video signal input in order to get proper audio clocking.

Unless you can find some kind of "virtual sound hardware" driver that takes DV input and decodes just the audio.

IMHO, it's more trouble than it's worth. If you need an external audio interface, just get an external USB 2 sound device.
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As Brandon suggested, I also recommend to buy an USB audio interface for your task. Personally, I like this tiny unit very much, ideal for notebook cutters, too:

FYI: works like a charm with Edius 3.x/4.x :)
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