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Lightbulb MYNC Database & Multiple PCs

Here is my dilemma... I have two PCs with Edius installed; #1 is a laptop with an external USB 3, 1T SSD drive for video/still ingestion and quick field edits in Edius and #2 a workstation with Edius for my final, major projects. When in the field, I ingest my daily footage with MYNC. I plan on doing basic file renaming, adding tags etc. My Edius project exists on the SSD drive and I use it to do the basic cleanup of my daily clips.

Upon return to my office, I can either plug the SSD drive into my USB 3 port on my workstation or copy the entire folder (from the SSD drive) to my workstation.

It appears that once the data has been ingested and edited with MYNC on my laptop, that data is NOT AVAILABLE when using my workstation!!

Can MYNC be used in a shared environment? When I configure MYNC, I want to designate my MYNC data to a common/shared repository on my network so when I edit on my workstation, all the effort I made organizing my clips are available to me.

Am I missing something or could this be a grand opportunity for Grass Valley to improve MYNC and make it a truly collaborative tool?
Andy Browne - Venice, Florida
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John Hooper
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I admit that I don't understand all of the features of Mync yet, but looking at the FAQs suggests that it can only be used on one PC.

In the manual, it also states that you need to be connected to the internet, which seems to go against the benefits of using Workgroup.
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Originally Posted by abrowne1950 View Post
Am I missing something or could this be a grand opportunity for Grass Valley to improve MYNC and make it a truly collaborative tool?
YES!!! It's version 1.
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Old 03-20-2017, 12:36 PM   #4
David Clarke
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The Mnyc database is on your individual computer so it will be different on different machines. There is no option so far to export/import the database or change where it is stored (so it would be on a shared location).

What I have done is find the database file which is on the c drive, in the users folder in the same place as the EDIUS settings and copy the database to another computer, putting it in the same location on the second machine. It wipes out whatever the database is on the other machine but you get the same database as on the original one. The media has to be on drives with the same drive letter otherwise you would have to spend time relinking it.
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