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Default Video Card and the ADVC 110

How important is the video card when capturing VHS video with an ADVC 110?

Because of my motherboard layout, my big video card is blocking the only PCIe slot that I have (and need) for a 1394 FireWire card. To use the ADVC 110, I would have to use the motherboard's integrated GPU or buy a low profile video card to replace my bigger card when capturing.

Thank you

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The video card is unimportant. I use a low-spec (i3) PC with motherboard graphics to do capturing from my ADVC300.

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the only important thing is the quality of the TBC
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That is to say, the quality of the analog signal fed to the ADVC. A good tape played in a quality VCR might not require a separate TBC for an acceptable capture. But if doing this as a service offered to others having a TBC with proc amp is pretty much essential.
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Thank you all for your responses.

Yesterday, I had the new ADVC 110 in an unopened box not knowing for sure if I would need to return it. But, after receiving feedback here, I decided to install it. With my motherboard's integrated GPU (GeForce 6150SE nForce 430), I was able to do a 1 hour home video test-capture with zero dropped frames. This integrated GPU has a ridiculously low PassMark G3D Mark benchmark score of 22 @ So, from what little testing I've done, it does appear that the video card isn't that important.

Since I only have one shielded s-video cable, the test capture didn't include audio but I just ordered some shielded cables today :)
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Since all the compression happens on the ADVC itself, the GPU has very little influence. The old TwinPact100 (close relative of the ADVCs) works fine on my old Pentium III laptop with on-board Intel graphics (the old cruddy Intel graphics, not the new HD stuff).
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