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Default Someone can tell me about the format?

Sincerely I want to know the specific difference between all the prevalent format. Could some one tell me? just like what's the difference between File Format, Encode Format, Encapsulation Format. All of these really baffled me...
I'm new in this industry, so any one could help me I would be very grateful!
If you don't want to type it, an index will be ok:)

Thx you all!

Best Regards

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CODECs compression and decompress audio/video.
Files store video.
Files can be of different types - MXF, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, etc.

Some files are containers, meaning that they have a structure of some sort and are not just raw compressed audio/video.
MXF, AVI, and MOV are containers.

Container types can hold different types of compressed audio/video data.

Thus, it is not sufficient for an editor to support a particular file format, but it must also support the audio/video compression used within the file. Whatever playback or editing software is being used needs to have an appropriate CODEC to actually decompress the data stored within the file.
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thx a lot! That's really helpful for me!
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