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Default How to overcome ADVC100 problem with iMac

Have a secondhand ADVC100 set for analogue input, dip switches set appropriately, and connected with Firewire shielded cable (6 pin on ADVC, 4pin/9pin adaptor to the iMac) to iMac running Snow Leopard. ADVC input is from a VCR via composite connection.

When trying to import self-recorded tapes into iMovie using 'Camera' selection, the blue import screen opens with the word 'Importing' appearing in top left hand corner. The ADVC device is referenced across the top and shows in the lower left device readout. The red record indicator appears in the time recorder but the recorder does not time up. With the 'manual' option for the import, nothing further develops. With 'auto' selection, the word 'importing' changes to 'stop' after 2 minutes.

The appearance of the device name in the importing screen suggests the Mac operating system is recognising the ADVC100 but the usual icon appearing on the desktop for attached devices is missing, nor is there any indication of it in Finder.

The ADVC has worked satisfactorily with iMovie incorporated in a Mac running Lion software.

Has anyone encountered this problem or can anyone shed some light on the situation. Any assistance will be appreciated.
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