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Default Encoding DivX files using Procoder 3 problems

My workplace recently upgraded from Procoder 2 to Procoder 3, and also upgraded our DivX Pro codec from 5.1 to 6.6. Using Procoder 2 with DivX Pro 5.1 we were able to encode good quality multi-pass encode DivX files for download on the web with ease. Even once we upgraded to DivX 6.6 Pro we were able to encode the same files with ease. Since upgrading to Procoder 3, however, we've run into nothing but problems trying to encode using DivX at all.

What is the proper method to setup Procoder 3 to properly encode DivX files using the DivX 6.6 Pro codec?

We're using DVD-quality 720x480 MPEG2 PS files as our source and trying to output 640x480 DivX files that are as high quality as possible while being approximately 6-8MB/min in size.

The only way I've found to create a DivX file (since it's no longer in the Presets) is to add an AVI target using "DivX 6.6.1 Codec (2 Logical CPUs)" as the Video Encoder and adjusting the Video Encoder Option (which opens up the DivX Codec Properties window). Messing around with the options I can encode using "1-pass" or "1-pass quality based" for the rate control, but have so far been unsuccessful at setting up a multi-pass encode.

It's definitely more complicated than setting up on Procoder 2, since with 2 all I had to do was select the DivX preset, choose the "Profile" wanted, set the VBR to "multi-pass", choose the "Number of Passes" and the quality and it worked without a problem. Is there a way to import the DivX preset from Procoder 2 into Procoder 3?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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