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Default AAF Export Audio

I wonder if anyone can confirm this. If I export an AAF file, using the " copy audio files to PCM Wave or AIFF" function, I am getting mono wav and aiff files, despite the material on the timeline being stereo. In the Help section of Edius it states: " unchecked "enable pan setting" will cause the audio files to be mixed to mono."

So if I check the "enable pan setting" I get 2 files for each stereo source file, but they are both identical mono, and if panned left and right still produce a mono signal.

I'm testing this in Vegas Pro8, the AAF opens fine, its just that the audio files are reported as mono - which they are.

Can anyone running AECS3 and using AAF export verify or deny this also happens in After Effects? and or can anyone with Vegas try this out as well.

The point of all this is to do some audio sweetening in Vegas as the VST support is good, as is the sample level audio editing, so transfer the complete edit to Vegas via AAF and tweak the sound.

I hope this makes sense to someone!



and a Very Merry Christmas to all.
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