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Default Can no longer import from analog source - ADVC110

Greetings, everyone, and thanks for reading. This will take a bit to explain.

I purchased the ADVC110, hooked it up to my computer, plugged in my old Sony Super8 Camera with 2 plugs, one video, and one audio. Plugged in the 6 pin Firewire cable and Windows Import Video popped up, and I easily imported about 30 videos. Worked great! Zero dropped frames!

I then plugged in my VCR with three composite plugs into the ADVC110 and imported about 20 video tapes. Worked great! Again, zero dropped frames!

I then plugged my DV video camera directly into my PC (skipped the ADVC110) and Windows Import Video again popped up. I imported about 40 DV tapes, worked great. I noted that the Windows Import Video had some extra steps in the process, where it took control of the camera and rewound it then played it back and started recording automatically at the very beginning of the tape. Sweet!

Now, this is where it gets interesting. I plugged another VCR with S-Video into the ADVC110. I did NOT plug in the audio plugs, not knowing the S-Video cable did not carry the audio. The two tapes I imported, of course, did not have audio but I quickly realized why. So, I deleted those files, plugged in the two composite red and white cables and tried again. When Windows Import Video popped up, all looked good until I started the recording and the import screen showed "rewind tape", but it was a VCR, not digital! When I canceled the import, the blue light on the ADVC110 switched from analog to digital, even though it was hooked up to a VCR. Somehow, Windows Video Import is thinking the ADVC110 device is now a digital device and it wants to rewind the tape. I can see the screen from the ADVC110 on my computer screen in the Import Video program, but the start button is grayed out. I replaced the VCR with the first, non-S-Video VCD and the same problem. I replaced the S-Video cable with the yellow-red-white cable and I still had the same problem.

To summarize, the Windows Import Video screen, when it starts, shows the information as if it was plugged into a DV camera, and not an analog device. It is somehow thinking the ADVC110 is digital and it wants to control the camera (VCR).

I tried setting DIP switch 2 to off (analog start up). No difference. Right now, 2 and 5 are "on" and 1, 3, 4, and 6 are "off" on the dip switches.

The computer is about 2 years old, running 64 bit Windows 7, and the OS is up to date. I have 6gb of RAM, and the storage is a pair of 2tb hard drives on an external SATA docking station.

Anyhow, I am stumped. I still have about 50 VCR tapes to import then I will loan this equipment to a friend who works at Microsoft (in exchange for cheap software!). This thing has worked great, with beautifully digitized video. Somehow I damaged something, but I am not sure if it is the unit or Windows 7 Import Video.

This has been a fascinating project. I discovered video of my deceased mom I never knew I had! And boy does video eat a lot of hard disk space! I ripped 70 DVD's to those 2tb drives as well! Thanks for any comments.
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