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We use a GVG ADVC G1 to convert from an HDMI source to imbedded HDSDI. That ADVC G1 HDMI converted HDSDI signal's audio sounds fine on any HDSDI device that plays out audio along with the HD video. BUT when that same HDSDI signal goes into a Black Magic Teranex Mini for analog de-imbedding, the analog audio is distorted and sounds like it is forced down a " copper pipe. The Black Magic Teranex will output clean analog audio from any other HDSDI signal, but not the one coming from the ADVC G1 unit converting HDMI to HDSDI. So I now have an issue that seems to compatibility between two different device manufacturers? Or is there a standard condition/explanation why ADVC G1 HDMI converted to HDSDI, audio cannot be de-imbedded by the Teranex Mini?
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