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Default canopus advc 100 Serial number question

So i might be able to finally get an advc 100 converter with the serial number of 245207 B31E. Can i know if it's an early model (2004-2005 era) with macrovision defeat. I got tons of tapes to backup
Thank you guys
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What kind of tapes?
How many?
Will the video they need restoration work?

I don't know at what point the ADVC100 began to honor Macrovision, but from personal observations a commercially produced DVD of a movie previously released on VHS will generally be much better than you can produce at home with standard consumer tools, and cost a lot less than the time you will spend doing it is a web site that focuses on restoration and conversion of analog video formats such as VHS and 8mm/ and can provide advice on tools and techniques.
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Agreed. Unfortunately, some older VHS (etc.) commercial programs are not, nor ever will be available in digital.

I've had to tell clients that they will need to get written permission from the copyright holder before I can help them digitize an old analog tape. Not what they want to hear, but oh well.

Never a good idea to violate copyright laws.


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provides an interesting take on copying material. Especially the comments on backup for convenience of use vs. backup for security.

But the rules are not straight forward, they are applied individually by judges and juries on a case-by-case basis, and predicting the outcome of a given case is difficult at best.
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