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Mr Sparkle
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To show there's nothing up my sleeves..

Here attached is a tiny 10-frame snippet of a capture done with those instructions. It's just me working in Sony Vegas, with a clip that was also captured previously with Pegasus.

So it's a capture within a capture. This is a Canopus HQ AVI file. Save for cutting, no additional treatments have been applied.
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Originally Posted by GrassValley_BH View Post
Just two quick notes...
1. TwinPact100 isn't "bad" or lacking. Just people often don't realize how bad SD video resolution is. You can't do anything more than VGA (640x480) resolution for SD video. Beyond that it gets downscaled and downscaled computer video looks pretty bad.

Since Pegasus does greater-than-SD resolution video, it has better potential.

2. What kind of cables are you using for the DVI-to-Pegasus connection? Is it a DVI-DVI cable with DVI-HDMI adapter, or a DVI-to-HDMI cable?
1: We purchased Pegasus because we knew the limitations of Twinpact only supporting SD, and therefore SD was the underlying issue with resolution, not the Twinpact.

2: With Pegasus, we have used DVI to DVI, HDMI to HDMI, DVI with HDMI adapter to HDMI. The cables are all good quality, gold plated contacts etc, and have been proved to provide perfect image on a 60" HD monitor when used with Bluray player. We have tried in multiple high-end machines, all with high performance graphics cards (8800, 8500 and 9600). Pegasus has been tried on XP and Vista Business machines.
The results have been consistent, regardless of the cable configurations, Graphics Adapters or O/S's have been used. This makes us think that maybe there is a problem with the card itself.

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I'm leaning toward it being a bad Pegasus board as well... Have you had a chance to try the checkerboard/horizontal/vertical patterns?
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