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Default True Mono WAV instead of Central channel

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Monitoring Systems 2020

Baby monitoring systems are extremely useful to have for parents and can put your mind at ease knowing that there’s an additional pair of eyes watching over your children. However, they can be a little bit puzzling. We have received some questions from our readers asking a few great questions that we think a lot of parents out there are wondering about.

So, in this article, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (and answers!) about the Best Video Baby Monitor for your perusal.

How Exactly Does Night Vision Mode Work?

Baby monitor cameras, aside from having awesome image quality and HD video streaming capability, will often have a night vision mode. A lot of parents ask us how this mode allows them to see their child sleeping in the middle of the night and whether the mode is harmful to the baby’s health or not.

Baby monitor systems, contrary to popular belief, don’t work in the same manner as the night vision goggles you typically see in movies (though the result is more or less the same.)

The security camera has a number of infrared flood-lights that “shine” down on the room. The camera system is tuned to “seeing” the light, so the result is that when you look through the parent unit, every detail in the room can be viewed.

Infrared is not visible to the naked eyes, so the sleep of your baby is completely undisturbed. The night vision infrared lights are low-intensity, so they won’t pose a risk to your child’s health.

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》 》 》》》》 》 》 》》》》 》 》 》》》》 》 》 》》》》

Are Baby Monitors Secure?

The question of security is a very common question that we were asked. You might not like the answer, unfortunately: Even the best Wi-Fi video baby monitor can be hacked. As long as something has an Internet connection, it can be hacked. This proves to be a big dilemma because although Wi-Fi baby monitors offer unparalleled convenience because you can watch your baby even when you’re halfway across the globe. The system is an inherent security risk.

Therefore, make sure that you change the password to the system regularly.

If you have no wish of using a baby monitor when you’re away from home, we recommend that you use a traditional monitor without Wi-Fi capability. These are considerably more secure.

But before you get too worried, we would like to assure you that best rated baby monitors are gradually becoming more hardened to cyber-attacks. Some monitoring systems like Nest and Nanit take advantage of cloud computing technology to deter hackers.

Meanwhile, digital, short-range systems use secured FHSS transmission technology to protect you again hackers. Technically, FHSS tech rapidly switches the transmission between frequencies to lose the hacker when they begin their attack, making it much more difficult for them to tap into the system.


And these are two of the most interesting questions that we had received from you and the answers to them. These systems are wonderful inventions but their ease of use sometimes makes us forget that they’re incredibly sophisticated devices. We hope that the article and The Best Baby Monitor Thekinglive have helped you with understanding them a little bit more and appreciate the engineering behind them.

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