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Default ADVC 110 on OSX - Captured QT Files Have Generic Icon & Do Not Preview in Quicklook

ADVC 110 * 2011 17" Macbook Pro * OSX 10.8.2 * Final Cut Pro 7

Captured QT DV-NTSC (dvc), files are not recognized by OS X Finder / Quicklook.
They do open & play correctly in QT player when opened.
However, as seen in the Finder, the files have a generic QT icon and do not display a poster frame custom icon.

Also, when I try to preview the file using, "Quicklook," (highlighting the file in Finder, and pressing the spacebar), it previews only the audio portion, as if there was no video.

Is this normal? Is there something about the throughput with the ADVC that produces an unrecognizable, (though playable), video file?
Is there a setting, either on the ADVC, or in FCP, that would fix this anomaly?

More Info:
I have been capturing old, somewhat damaged, 8mm video tapes for archiving.
If these tapes were in good shape I would go direct, FW (4-pin) ---> FW (9-pin) from camera to MBP.
NOTE: When I do it directly like this, I do not have these Finder / Quicklook, anomalies.
But if I do, with these old tapes, I then get audio sync errors, which do not occur if the tape is played directly in the camera, where the audio stays synced.

The solution I found was to go, Analog-Out from the camera, (from it's 1/8th mini-jack), to Component-In, on the ADVC 110, and then FW Out, (6-pin), from the ADVC, to FW 800 on the MBP, using a 6-pin to 9-pin FW cable.

Although I lose some video quality with this setup, as well as the Finder / Quicklook issue, this setup does produce video files with synced audio.
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