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Default Importing a sequence into a project

Hi Guys,

I film Rugby League. I have 27 games stored as individual projects. Within those projects, I have the tries scored within those games on a separate sequence. I now need to produce a season review, and will do this as yet another project.

What I'm trying to do, is simply import the try sequence from the individual games, into the season review project, but not the whole game, does anyone know a simple way of doing this. I have gone to import sequence, but it seems I have to import the whole project.

Any help most appreciated,

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John Lewis
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Try creating a new sequence and copy and paste the try files to new sequence ?
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I have 27 games stored as individual projects
Hi John ... cinnabull are not in the same project and
copy sequences over clipboard, from one project to other project can make problems.

Imho saver are the supported (longer) way
import the project, and delete unwish sequences in the season review-project

or export to file the highlight from the 27 games to 27 files
and import in the season review-project
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Red Union Films
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Hi Stuart.

Here is the easiest way for you to complie your different sequences into one project. If you only have one sequence per project then it is quite straight forward. Just start a new project, then go to file import, choose import sequence and select a project EZP. After it is selected it will automaticly pick the last open sequence in that project and import it. You will be given options to import the bin structures and media, depending on the media to be shared you may or may not want to import the bins, either way it will not increase file sizes due to duplicates, only the bin structures. To make things easy i make a duplicate EZP of the project that i need to import the sequence from, i then delete all sequences in the copy EZP apart from the one that i need to be imported into the new compilation project. I only do this as it can get a little confusing as to what sequence you are importing from the project, at least if there is only sequence in the project, it will be that one that gets imported. Hopefully with E6 the import function will be a little clearer. You could always render the sequences out as master clips, then re-compile them into a new project. But this is only good if your sequences are complete and wont need any more editing.
Hope this helps.

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