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Default ADVC-500 and Edius Pro print-to-tape problems

We've got a couple of Edius pro stations using ADVC-500 breakout boxes in a news environment. The ADVC-500 is connected to an older DVCPRO deck via component video and XLR audio cables. The 500 is in turn connected to the workstation via Firewire.

We can capture into Edius in AVI format without problems. When we attempt to print to tape, however, we get an 'unable to phase lock' error and the export stops. When the export confirmation screen comes up, it lists Firewire as the device control. This isn't going to work, since our decks are controlled via RS 422. There appears to be no way to switch it in any of the Edius settings.

Also, we have tried to simply do a playout from the timeline and start the recording on the deck manually, but no video is passed from the workstation to the deck in this case. The ADVC-500 does, however, switch from Analog->DV mode to DV->Analog mode.

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Mr Sparkle
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Brandon might be a bit more knowledgeable in this case, but as I understand it:

1) If you're running just EDIUS software, or EDIUS NX, you won't get RS-422 control - you need EDIUS SP as a minimum (which takes the place of an ADVC500 anyway).

2) ADVC500 doesn't support AV/C-RS-422 instruction conversion - this is a feature we added in the ADVC700.

Sounds like you need an ADVC700. Btw, none of our ADVCs handle DVCPRO 25/50 (DV25 only) - but I assume you already know this..
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Exact on both accounts.

Newer DVCPRO decks support DV25 output, but usually not input, but sounds like you're connected analog anyway to get around those troubles.
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