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Default building a new system....

I went to the GV site and now I'm totally confused!

I need to build a new system but I must reuse some bits of the old. I have a very old NX card PCI-x based (yes, old) with the HD daughter card attached.
OBVIOUSLY I need a new card.

Here are the questions:

WHICH one?????
Can I just buy the basic editing card and reuse the HD card or is this no longer supported?
I'm not using HDMI yet as an input/output... should I be thinking of the future?

PLEASE help - My old system is being held together with old gum, duct tape and band aids! :)

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No need to get a new editing card- I have the same card as you!!

The HDStorm is no better than the card you have now- don't fall for it!! HDMI is digital yes- doesn't mean it looks any better on your preview screen. If you are not in need of capture by HDMi then do not change your NX card, it still rocks!!

What's your budget for a new system, we will need to find you a motherboard with PCI-X slot that is all. They are getting harder to find in single socket boards but hey, like i have suggested a lot to those on a budget with this problem- get a dual socket board and just put one XEON on it.
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