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Steady Hand
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Default clip processing (trimming)

Mync compared to EDIUS lacks some features like playing with variable speed forward and backwards (at least there are no control buttons for that) and trimming of clips.
I think when previewing your clips one might like to to set In and Out points to the clips (maybe generic clip marks also), so when importing those into EDIUS later, the trim marks would be there already.
So is Mync intended just for viewing and sorting clips, or also for preparing clips for later use in EDIUS?
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Regarding markers and range selections: I'd received a response about a year ago, when Mync was still called "GV Browser", that these functions were forthcoming and on the feature request list.

It would be helpful if GV could provide a timeframe, kind of like what was provided via the Edius 8 "future scheduled upgrades", for what we can expect with Mync.
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