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Default Broken ADVC-1000 Display - help!

Due to a silly accident the LCD screen of my Canopus ADVC-1000 is broken. It's essential for configuration - at the moment, I'm stuck with the "pre-accident" settings. It's a 20x2 LCD, type Densitron 2002BG-CB with foil-type ribbon cable. Absolutely no information about this display and its interface (does it have a HD447800-type controller?) on the Internet, and so I can't source a replacement (in any case, all of the 20x2 LCD panels I can find are larger than the original. Can anyone please help - a display from a faulty ADVC-1000, or a service manual? If it's HD44780-compatible, could I get away with a standard/cheap 16x2 unit (with the first or last 4 characters missing). Ta, Martin
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