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Mike Truly
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Default PC3 HQ Rendering Times?

I am considering an upgrade to PC3. I have read that the grid encoding (I assume this means use of multiple processors or cores to expidite rendering) only works in certain situations.

What I am interested in is whether there is any improvement for my rendering situation which is that I would have a bunch of finished frames (usually TGAs) that need to be processed into a finished Canopus HQ file.

For example, I have two main systems that I run PC2 on:

SystemA - Dual Xeon 3.6 Ghz, 4GB RAM, XP32, U320 SCSI RAID disk system.

SystemB - Dual Quadcore 1.8 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, x64, SATA disk system.

SystemA is used most for PC2 work and rendering. It seems like this process should be really fast. For example, with 4 GB of RAM, many frames could be loaded into memory to then be served to the 'AVI compression process' in realtime. I realize that the compression process and saving would be the slow part of the equation. With 8 cores on the quadcore system, one would hope there would be 8 frames being compressed simultaneously.

Faster rendering and perhaps Blu-Ray compression would be the only value to me, I think.

Is PC3 any faster rendering in this regard?


Mike Truly
Truly Media

System1: Edius 7.41|Storm Mobile|Dual Xeon 3.1 (20 cores w HT OFF)|128GB RAM|Dual 512 SSDs|7TB RAID5|Dual Quadro5000s|Win7_64

System2: EdiusNX+Exp|Edius 6.03|Procoder3|XP32|Dual Xeon 3.6|4GB RAM|U320 RAID0 15K
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