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Default External device to set video levels at input to ADVC110?

I'm capturing some PAL S-VHS camcorder tapes via a Canopus ADVC110.

The video voltage levels coming off the tapes (on two difference VCRs, so it seems to be a tape issue) are:

sync voltage = 258mV (should be 300mV)
peak white = 702mV (OK)

Unfortunately, it seems that the Canopus sees the low sync voltage, thinks the whole video signal is too low, amplifies the signal, and clips the highlights in the process. (It can, of course, capture "in spec" signals with 300mV sync pulses and peak white at 700mV without any problems).

What device could I use to restore the sync voltage to 300mV without changing the rest of the signal, or to leave the sync pulse as it is and bring the video level down without clipping it.

I'm capturing via S-video, so need to process that.

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I imagine a full-frame Time Base Corrector would fix it as it completely rebuilds the signal.

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