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Default Procoder export of H.264 with multi channel AAC

Dear community,

we still use Procoder (Quicktime 7.6.2) on an Intel i5/Ivy Bridge in our video production environment and found a strange issue. It would be helpful for us if anybody can confirm the issue or even has a hint or a solution on how the best solve the problem.

The issue is related to mp4 files with H.264/Main Codec and Multichannel audio. The input specification is as follows...

H.264 mp4 Main 3.2, 8Mbps CBR, 1280x720p, 50fps, 16:9, SAR 1:1, GOP 25,
4 reframes, 2 B frames, CABAC, yuv420p
AAC-LC, 4x128kbps CBR, 48kHz, 4x1ch

When we import such a mp4 file into ProCoder 3, the 4 channel AAC audio track is correcly recognized but other file properties are read-only or incomplete (the video settings are missing although the file itself is not damaged, it plays in Quicktime without any problems).

Click to Enlarge

When we then want to transcode this file intro another format (let's say a similar H.264/Main profile with stereo AAC), the Procoder 3 crashes with a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error.

Click to Enlarge

You can download the test file here.

Can anybody reproduce this crash and has an explanation for this?

Thanks in advance


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