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Compression will almost never make video look better, unless it's doing something sneaky, which IMO should always be user-directed, not automatic.

Good compression strives to keep the video from looking worse while making the most-efficient use of bits (and hence storage space).

A common mistake that people make when first getting into digital video is to think they need to avoid compression entirely and do everything uncompressed. While this isn't necessarily technically wrong nor does it hurt quality, it does hurt the wallet as the system specs for uncompressed editing are significantly higher, not to mention the cost of the required storage for practical lengths of video.

tl;dr - don't worry about uncompressed.

Ben Waggoner's book, Compression for Great Video and Audio: Master Tips and Common Sense is a good read, especially the background on human perception.

We included a subset of the book with the original ProCoder retail release, IIRC. That was a loooong time ago. :)
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