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Default Poll question at "Feature Requests" column

If I remember right, in the last days, on Forum Index > Issues, Feedback and Feature Requests a great many topics they included the "Poll-funktion", are in locked status.
Locked status even though only two votes handed over, and new date.

At this time, the most are unlocked, and free to vote ......have it changed, or is my "human memory" leak ????

What are the forum rules about "Poll"

1) for standard column (i.e. Editing Edius4) >> user are entitled to it ?? or user are not entitled to it ??
( I will not start a >Poll< named 'Forum-Colors' .... *g* )

2) for special-column (i.e Feature Requests or User-Reported Issues )
user are entitled to it ......or user owes it .... only moderators reserving ??

The generally problem with the Poll view :

there is no (color or whatever) difference in the view, if the [logged in] user have vote in this topic ... or have not have vote in this topic, and he ought to vote
only behind opening the topic, is the different view ...(to late)....

friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna ... old Hans

PS: Sorry for posting in the misnomer " Editing with EDIUS" column....
but we have [at this time] no "About this Forum" column.....(unfortunately)
Edius 5,51 / Edius 6.08 / Edius 6.54(b) / Neo 3.0 / Neo 3.5
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