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Paul Curtis
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Default AARRGGHH! Still no 25p->29.97i!

My PC3 upgrade arrived today. I love the built-in AC3 encoding, and the "Set Chapter Point at Source Stitch Points" option, which, together, should permit me to finally throw out my lousy DVD authoring software...


The 25p->29.97i facility is still missing (having been included in ProCoder 1.2 and 1.5, but abandoned with ProCoder 2.0). Which means that for these projects, I will have to continue my current cumbersome process of using ProCoder to produce a 720x480@25p elementary stream, DGPulldown to add the pulldown flags, and a separate application to multiplex the files and author the DVD. And no, I do not want to slow my source down to 24fps.

It would be ridiculously, trivially simple to restore this facility to ProCoder, and I can't be the only one who would find it very, very useful, particularly in conjunction with the new AC3 encoding and chapter marking. So how about it?

--Paul Curtis
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