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Old 06-08-2007, 02:28 AM   #1
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Default advc 300 PAL problem

I have a advc 300 and I have just started to try to play PAL video through it. I have set the dip switch to pal but the video comes out really strange. I cant really explain it but it looks like there are several wide bars and each bar is moved alternately to the left and right.

NTSC plays fine.

is there other switches which i may have to adjust?


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Make sure you power-cycle the ADVC between DIP switch settings.
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Old 06-09-2007, 01:16 AM   #3
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I always do that because the manual said so.

:) doesnt do anything
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Old 06-09-2007, 01:25 AM   #4
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now the status light on the front is flashing :(

whats that mean?
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Old 06-11-2007, 01:28 PM   #5
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Was wondering the same thing. What does the status led mean? It is off in my situation mostly.
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Default Same problem on ADVC-700

I have exactly the same problem on ADVC-700.

Tried both switches and menu option for PAL. Powered down. Status does not flash any errors. The picture is distorted to the extend you don't recognize what it is.
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