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Default ADVC-G1 question on SVGA input to 720p output and aspect ratios

I am interested in the ADVC-G1 video converter, but going through the manual I haven't found a question to my question: What image the G1 will produce when input aspect ratio is 4:3 (800x600 SVGA), and selected output ration is 16:9 (720p)?

Does it
a) stretch/resize the input image to create a full-size output image of 1280x720
b) inset the 800x600 centered in the 1280x720 output image (providing black borders around the sides of the inset image
c) user-configurable conversion?

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To my simple,mind, page 9 of the user manual implies you have three options; i.e., side bars, uniform stretch, or stretched side with not-stretched center area. But I have not used the device to confirm.
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Old 01-19-2012, 04:08 PM   #3
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I have just tested the G1 Display Modes with an 800x600 SVGA signal, up-converting to "720/50p".

It is user configurable. The three settings do what is shown at the top of page 9 of the manual and what dpalomaki suggested.

Standard is "pillarbox" with black bars left & right, "Full screen" stretches the whole picture horizontally to fill the screen, and "Flex view" leaves the centre undistorted but stretches the edges horribly.
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