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col lamb
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Default Thanks Steve for the 6.5 FAQ's....but

Many thanks Steve for the FAQ's about 6.5

Just one thing Upgrade price $299 USD would equal 189 UKP using standard currency exchange rates.

Currently upgrade to Edius 6 is 250 UKP which is $396 USD

So it just shows how we in the UK are ripped off.

It is not just by GV it is with everything

Moan over
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Do you get paid in $ or pounds in the UK? Reseller earns in pounds (you earn in pounds), not $, they have to pay taxes in pound, not $. Go to Poland where everything cost even more than in UK (after exchange) and you earn 3x less - this is rip off :)

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VAT? Gotta pay for the excellent health care delivery system
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