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Default ADVC300 drops connection at scene change

It has been a year since I worked with the ADVC300 and I do not remember
how to avoid losing capture between long scene changes on SVHS and HI8 source tape.
The kind of scene change when the tape may have been out of camcorder and put back in to record again and there is a section of tape that has no signal.
Or a scene change when camcorder was probably tunred of and back on again.
When that occurs (I think)the advc300 thinks the capture process has stoped, switces to digital input and stops capturing.
It is difficult to sit through 2 hrs of capture and monitor this,but the biggest problem is that this makes it inpossible to capture the entire tape in one file.
I prefer to capture entire tape in one avi file to edit later.
I know it has worked before as I just experimented with the same tape and recaptured it to compare with capture file from same tape a year ago.
I am losing capture at differnent points on tape each time I recapture.
And I am using same computer, with Video Studio 10 which is same program I always use.
And I capture in DV1 format which is said to be lossless since there is no compression.
Any ideals would be appreciated.
Thank you
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You need to turn off device control in your capture program. The ADVC300 is actually responding to a device control command from the capture program when the capture program detects a scene change. If there is no setting to turn off device control in your capture program, then I suggest you try using the free capture utility WinDV. Untick the small box between the Config and Capture buttons and you should be able to capture all day!

And I capture in DV1 format which is said to be lossless since there is no compression.
If you're saying you choose DV format during capture rather than MPEG, then yes that is the best format in which to capture since you are not recompressing the DV stream from the ADVC300 to MPEG (real-time software MPEG compression tends to be fairly low quality). Capturing in DV format simply writes the captured DV stream to your drive without recompressing.

If however you're saying you choose DV Type 1 capture rather than DV Type 2 capture, then there is no difference in the video compression between the two types. The only difference is the way in which the video and audio data is organised within the file. In DV Type 1 the video and audio data is interleaved into a single stream within the file. This is the "native" DV format and is what the ADVC300 produces. In DV Type 2 the video and audio data is separated into two streams within the file, and so requires slightly more processing during capture, but the actual video is NOT recompressed.


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