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Default About trial version

Maybe I didn't undestand it right, but the trial we can download smaller then update and doesn't have some important features, such as drivers (HX-E1, RX-E1, USB_serial, VIXS), tools come without AVCHD converter, Carbon Grid Exporter - GXF Server, EdiusLM, FireCoder etc. I asked question about clean install- I'd like to reinstall all system and install trial. I have serial number from retail and a dongle- so I wanted to have a full version without using updates.
Already found a bug(?)- open Vitascene and one of the Edius panels (info) stayes on top of Vitascene...
Asus P8P67, Intel i7 2600K working at 4.50 Ghz, 16Gb Kingston RAM, Windows 7 64bit, 500Gb system drive, 320Gb Data drive and 1TB RAID-0 for AV, Edius NX Express, EVGA nVidia GTX 570 2.5CB DDR5, 750w ALTEC power and some creativity...
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As mentioned in the announcement post, you should download the 4.5 update if you already own the software, as it can do a fresh complete install. Don't use the trial version as (you've discovered) missing files that are otherwise unnecessary for a 30-day trial.
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