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Default Math bug in the YUV Curve filter

Math bug in the YUV Curve filter

In Edius 7 to 9, the YUV Curve filter creates incorrect values in the U and V components only if the project is set in 10 bit.

1) Make a 10 bit project. Resolution has no importance
2) Put a gray clip or still or a gray YUV ramp on the timeline
3) On the Vectorscope, U and V are at 512, which is OK
4) Put a YUV Curve filter in the clip: U and V are always at 512, OK
6) Add a control point on the Y or the U or the V curve with the same x and y coordinates. This can be easy donne if the Linear check boxes are activated.
7) The U and V components are now shifted to 510 on the Vectorscope, on the external monitor and in the rendered file while they should stay at 512. The clip is no more totally gray.

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Put the rendered clip to timeline again and see if the value of vectroscope are changed.
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