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Default LUT use question

For anyone that understands LUTs better than I:
Say I shoot SLOG2, and then apply a LUT to get a "close" color grade in rec709 space.
If I then start working with PCC to tune the color grade, have I lost any original dynamic range by first applying that "get it close" LUT?

Asked another way, do I loose anything by applying a correction LUT to SLOG footage before I start my PCC color correction?
Or, must I create my own color correction from scratch in PCC on the original SLOG footage to be able to utilize the full dynamic range of the original clip?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks
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Ron Evans
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This a good review by ProAV with Alister that goes over LUT's. If you follow through you should find when to use a particular LUT.My understanding is using a particular LUT at the wrong time does limit range.
Ron Evans

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Yeah, if you add LUT as a first filter (first Node in Davinci) your Waveform will be affected (you won't be able to "pull out" the details). Also, LUT must have Color (chroma) and Brightnes (luma) for proper work. So... I alwys change log to rec from scratch and then (with the next filter - Blend Filter with PCC) I add LUT. You can always back to effect before LUT. But if you want use Log to Rec LUT simply add this after "empty" Combine Filter with PCC, 3-way, YUV Curve in.
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