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Originally Posted by David Clarke View Post
If QS does not work properly in EDIUS, Premiere and handbreak it is not Grass Valley''s fault. It is either Windows, drivers or the motherboard. You seem to have a Gigabyte board, the OP had an ASUS and I am using MSI, so hopefully it is not a motherboard issue but drivers.
One of the systems I am testing has an nVidia card, the other has an ATI so it is not the main GPU which is the problem.
BTW I am not sure what you mean by "Thanks in fact to me the main nvidia in windows does not go,"
Since I did not replace the motherboard (gigabyte z370 gaming 7) and quick sync worked perfectly with 8700k is much more likely to be something related to intel drivers with 9900k and windows that do not activate the quick sync during export.
I have windows version 1809 17763.134
As soon as I replaced the processor at boot time the drivers were no longer active as if they were no longer installed.
Initially with 9900k I could not install with the setup
from the Intel site and I got the same error you mentioned. I managed to install them using the setup on the gigabyte site
that were an older version
it was installed perfectly but the quick syn did not work despite the encoder hardware option.
In recent days on the Intel site appeared the last driver and finally the setup continued properly but the quick syn will not work even if edius and other sofware recognize intel hd graphics but do not use it in export.
I hope they solve the bug quickly
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After several attempts I managed to make perfect quick sinc work perfectly with edius 8.53 also leaving as a secondary the intel igpu and nvidia as primary.
I would invite you to try if they also work for you with the 9900k.
I highly recommend especially if you have installed the latest (as indicated on the Intel website) read here
restart the PC and make a new installation.
This is the link of the drivers that work Version: , I installed them on windows 1809.17763.134
although it is indicated that they are for windows april update.
If the same version is present on the support of your motherboard I suggest you install those as they are certainly installed with the setup.exe, while using those of the site intel could give error and need to download the zip version,
manually install them from computer resources as a legacy driver.
All the following ones no longer work with the 9900k while with 8700k they worked perfectly for me on gigabyte z370 gaming 7.
I do not know what Intel, Microsoft, and motherboard manufacturers are doing, software programmers, who do not even notice the obvious problem ...
I'm waiting for your reply
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David Clarke
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I have just tested the drives suggested by pauls - - on my system and now my Quick Sync is working properly. My main graphics card is set to me ATI card and the secondary is the Intel and QS is working. I was not going to bother testing since I already had later drivers,, installed. If you are having a problem try the driver using the link in pauls message above.
EDIUS silver certified trainer.
Main edit laptop: DVC Kaby Lake desktop processor laptop, 32GB RAM, 3.5Ghz i5 desktop processor, nVidia 1060, Windows 10.
Desktop: 3.7Ghz Coffee Lake processor, 32GB RAM, ATI 7800 GPU, Windows 10.
Desktop: 2Ghz 12 core Xeon processor, 32GB RAM, nVidia 1060, BM Intensity Pro, Windows 10
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