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Default ADVC 16:9 SD conversion?

Do any of the current ADVC devices offer 16:9 SD capture WITHOUT letterboxing?

I have the ADVC 100, but haven't found the trick yet that allows that & I know the ADVC 300 is discontinued.

I've also been trying every combination of the Motorola DCH3416 that might send a 16:9 SD signal to the ADVC 100, but have had no luck thus far.
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I believe that 16x9 SD is the same as 4x3 SD image (nominal 720x480) from a line and frame timing persepctive, but with a different pixel aspect ratio for playback display purposes. The capture DV signal will probably look squashed in from the sides when played back. You probably just need to inform the playback display system that the signal is 16x9.

However, if your source player has already letter boxed the useful portion of the image (to about 720 x 405 by blanking the top and bottom 37 or so lines for 16x9 source material) being fed tothe ADVC there is not much you can do about that. Does it help if you tell the motorola that you have a 16x9 display connected and enable "stretch"?
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