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On topic or not, it's a matter worth discussing.

If your render an effect in interlaced mode, then subsequently output that as progressive at same/better spatial sampling (ex 50i to 25p), you can get artifacts due to the blending of the interlaced material to get the progressive frames from the interlaced source. It depends how how the two fields of source become one frame of output.

As you know, in the interlaced source the two fields are half the vertical information each, but also temporally different. Discarding one of the fields and duplicating it guarantees no temporal (motion) artifacts. But it also halves the effective vertical resolution.

Blending is the most common scenario, and that's where it gets funky.

To illustrate in a more-interactive manner, take a full-resolution graphic with alternating black/white horizontal lines and apply the Anti Flicker filter to it.

Play with the filter's settings and you get an idea of how frame blending can affect things on the output end.

So even if the clips aren't affected (ie, putting 25p clips into a 50i project), effects applied in an interlaced mode can end up looking different.
It's how the render processing happens that makes the difference.

Whether you see a difference really depends on the situation and viewer.
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Red Union Films
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Hi Brandon.

You may want to check out this thread and the download. Remember the whole point was going to interlaced from progressive, not the other way. Even so, try switching the project to progressive, I am sure you will be surprised.

The temporal effect should cancel out when processing sourced progressive footage in an interlaced project, and the temporal effect is really only subject to interlaced footage.

Let me know what you think of the test project.


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Originally Posted by Red Union Films View Post

Anton. You pointed out to Andrew that what he is saying is what you had already said earlier.
"You will have to export timeline to Canopus HQ fine and then start a new 50i project, then add the file and export to Blu-ray"
Although later you implied that statement to have been an incorrect one based on the fact that a 25P project can be live switched, and nothing to do with effects being temporally applied to progressive sources.
"yes, sorry, some projects can be changed to interlaced" I am a little confused on this now.
I simply wanted to know if he means the same as my second post, so maybe in my subconcience I had a hunch :) about something when I typed

when I typed the second post, I was not aware of the fade and transition issue, and I never did switch 25p project to 50i, I did not know it was possible and I always export the 25p to HQ and then encode with T5
Anton Strauss
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